Scanify gründet US-amerikanische Tochtergesellschaft Scanify, Inc.

In July 2022, Scanify GmbH announced the founding of an American subsidiary in Chicago, Illionios. With this, Scanify GmbH itself starts selling products and services directly in the North American market. Due to the high demand from printing houses, solution providers and manufacturers of branded products, the foundation was absolutely necessary, so that Scanify is closer to the customers it has won. It is planned to successively expand the location in the USA. In addition to sales, a support and development department for the US market is also to be set up. Other locations are also planned on the west coast. Scanify Inc. will initially be managed by the three managing directors of Scanify GmbH, Metin Duman, Prof. Dr. Jan Luccarda and Cüneyt Göktekin, a separate management team is to follow. Further companies in the Middle East and Asia are planned.